Terms & Conditions

Conditions for BT Wi-Fi Partner Extranet

  1. Definitions

    • The BT Wi-Fi partner extranet (“Extranet”) is defined as a secure portal designed to be a central repository for BT Wi-fi partner news and relevant sales, marketing and event resources. It also supports a number of additional services. The availability of these resources and additional services to an individual user is dependent on the BT Wi-Fi partner profile to which that user is allocated.
    • “Access support” is defined as enabling password resets due to a password being forgotten, or difficulty in changing a password.
  2. Terms of use

    1. In addition to the terms and conditions within each section of the Extranet the following applies:
      • the resources provided via the Extranet remain the property of BT and are provided only for the promotion of BT Wi-Fi. The resources must not be copied (unless explicitly permitted), amended or defaced and must not be used in any way inconsistent with the promotion of BT Openzone.
      • the content of the Extranet and resources provided via the Extranet remain the property of BT and are subject to change.
  3. Access support for users

    1. Extranet Access Support by the BT Wi-Fi Help Desk is available during normal business hours: weekdays (excluding Bank Holidays), 9.00am-5:30pm. Call Freefone 0808 100 0656* or email openzone.partners@bt.com
  4. Additional services

    1. Password management for Sponsored Access Service

      • as a BT Openzone partner who has Sponsored Access Service managed by a password, your access to this Extranet is governed by the conditions of the Sponsored Access Service, which forms part of your existing contract with BT. The Sponsored Access Service terms and conditions are not recorded on this website but contained in the contract you signed with BT for service provision. If you have any queries regarding this contract then please contact your BT account manager in the first instance.
    2. BT Wi-Fi collateral ordering

      • support for the collateral ordering facility is available during normal business hours: weekdays, 9.00am-5.00pm. Call 0800 48 48 44 option 3 or email openzone.support@bt.com.

        * Calls to this number are free from BT landlines and BT payphones. However, they are not free to call from mobile phones - the cost will vary between service providers.