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Research shows that 82% of people will consult their mobile devices while out shopping.

It’s a missed opportunity to not capitalise on this by offering quality wi-fi that helps you learn about your customers and their behaviour.

Many retailers are battling to combat the channel shift to online shopping. But by being able to access the same amount of data for your physical stores as your online channels deliver, and creating a truly omni-channel experience, there is huge potential for growth.

We’ve brought fast, reliable wi-fi to some of the UK’s largest retailers.

Here’s how BT Wi-Fi can help you

Boost shopper satisfaction with a best-in-class wi-fi experience

Customers want to get online when they’re out shopping so they can compare prices, check reviews, and engage with social media. We make it fast, and make it easy. Keep customers happy and shopping for longer.

Understand the profile of your customers

Our suite of in-depth customer analytics will add context to your flow and EPOS data. What age range are your customers? How long do they stay for? Use this insight to plan campaigns and personalise offers.

Learn about customers’ interaction with your brand

Use historical and real-time reporting to monitor the frequency of their visits, understand their behaviour, and identify cross-estate visits.

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Increase dwell time and drive higher spend

Use our real-time customer engagement tools to push offers to customers whilst they’re in your stores. Tailor communications to certain customer groups for a highly personalised experience and more effective campaign.

Boost return rates and loyalty

Engage with your customers with a follow-up offer after they’ve left your stores, or just before their birthday for example, to encourage future visits. Entice them to return if they’ve not been back in while.


Improve customer satisfaction

Push surveys to customers as part of the wi-fi login journey, or send a follow-up email after their visit. Gain insight into what customers want from their experience, and use this to improve your product ranges, processes and deliver excellent customer service.

Track the performance of your stores

With powerful venue analytics, you can quickly see which of your stores are performing the best. Not just in overall sales but on metrics such as conversion percentage, bounce rates, average spend. Identify your busy periods, monitor and measure which propositions are performing best in what stores. Make key business decisions about staffing levels, product changes and store layouts.


Maintain a great reputation

Send NPS surveys directly to your customers, or send an email reminder to leave an online review.

Create an omni-channel view of your customers

See the value from linking your customers’ online and offline behaviour. Have they browsed a product on your website and now they’ve come into store? You can react quickly and convert the sale. Understanding your customer’s in-store behaviour can inform your engagement strategy and develop and deeper, more profitable relationship with them.

Some of the brands we've worked with:

Case Study

“Management wanted a big, recognised brand that people would feel secure with; something that would stand out among the smaller shop-specific networks.”

Tony Mills
BT Wi-Fi Project Manager
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