Where can I get BT Wi-fi?

You’ll find BT Wi-fi hotspots in Starbucks, John Lewis, Young’s pubs, Hilton Hotels and many shopping centres and other cafés and pubs.

BT Wi-fi hotspots are free and unlimited for all our BT Broadband customers or you can buy one of our voucher or subscription products if you are a non-BT Broadband customer.

We have over 5 million hotspots in the UK to get online (making us the UK’s biggest wi-fi network) and our BT Broadband customers get even more as they can also access more than 9 million Fon hotspots overseas.

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How do I get Wi-fi?

Where can I get BT Wi-fi image

BT Wi-fi is available 3 ways:

  1. BT Broadband customers get free, unlimited access to all BT Wi-fi and Fon hotspots. You can start using BT Wi-fi hotspots as soon as you’ve received your Broadband order confirmation email. There is no need to wait for installation so you can get online straight away! Find out more
  2. If you’re not a BT Broadband customer but want to use wi-fi a lot out of the home, you could try one of our subscriptions to get unlimited data every day of the month. Find out more or buy in advance
  3. If you only want to use wi-fi occasionally when you are out and about, buy an instant access voucher when in a hotspot or in advance

How do I get online?

  1. Switch on wi-fi in your device settings: it will search the airwaves and find which hotspots are in range and the strength of the signal. You can search for your nearest BT Wi-fi hotspot here: btwifi.com/find
  2. Choose a hotspot: BT Wi-fi hotspots are called BTWiFi, BTWiFi-with-Fon or BTOpenzone. Some sites include the business name too.
  3. Login:
    1. If you are a BT Broadband Customer: open your internet browser and enter your BT ID and password (this is usually an email address which you have nominated and will be the same details you use to logon to view your bill online). You can also download the BT Wi-fi app to save having to enter your details each time you are in range of a hotspot.
    2. BT Wi-fi customer login (voucher or subscription customer): open your browser and the BT Wi-fi landing page will appear. If you have bought access in advance, choose to login as a BT Wi-fi customer (username and password given to you with your account). 3 and 12 Month Unlimited Subscription customers can also download and use the BT Wi-fi app, to get online quickly and easily.

      Alternatively you can buy instant access on the landing page.
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Need help?

We hope that this brief introduction to BT Wi-fi has been helpful however, if you require more information, take a look at our common questions on www.btwifi.com or contact us on: Freefone 0800 022 33 22 (24/7) @BTCare for Twitter users